Road Head is The Real Driver’s Test. Keep Your Eyes On The Road!

Road head is the ultimate driver’s test, right? Trying to keep your eyes open and on the road while I am laying across the seat, with my head in your lap and my mouth around your cock. Baby, you’d better keep it between the lines. It all started so innocently. Riding down the road, your hand on my knee.

But when you looked at me with that light in your eye, I knew I had to do something. I tried to fight it in the name of safety. But it kept coursing through me, getting stronger and stronger, pushing me toward you. I lean up next to you and kiss down your neck and you laugh, your hand sliding higher and higher on my thigh. And it just isn’t enough. I don’t just want to be next to you, I want you inside me. I smile mischievously up into your face and let my hand crawl into your lap to unfasten your pants and release your big, throbbing hard cock.

My hand grips it and starts to stroke it.

You moan and I smile, letting my hand run over your flesh faster and faster until I slide down to evelope your head with my mouth. It feels like you are encapsulated in sweet fire. I start to suck slowly, swirling my tongue around your head. I hear a semi pull beside us and blow the horn, enjoying the show as much as you are enjoying our foray into road head.
Mmm my panties are soaked through, just thinking about sharing a mobile mouth fucking session with you! Want to be the one to drive Miss Ember?
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