Risque Romps With Richard Part 2

We entered the Master Suite and his jaw dropped. Words fell from his mouth.

“You little fucking Cunt.”

Echoed in my ears as he feasted his eyes on our unsuspecting friends.

Richard had just been officially welcomed to the big, black cock gang bang!

“Get on the floor and lay down.” I barked

Gesturing him to the cold, hard floor as I picked my first victim.

Richard quickly obliged as I stood over him, straddling his head so his only view was of my perfect, pretty, pink pussy.

“You want to watch me get fucked?” I asked like a taunting tease.

“Yes Mistress, Yes I do.”

Not a minute later my panities were slid off and my new friend was sliding into my tight pucker hole. As the big black cock penetrated me little asshole from behind I couldn’t help but to tease Richard.

“You like that? huh? You like watching big, black cocks violate this tight little asshole?”

He didn’t have to answer. I knew he did just by the look on his face. He was eating this shit up, but little did he know, he’d bring new meaning to eating this shit up momentarily.

As the hard cock continued to violate my little asshole the other watched from across the room. It wasn’t long before I summoning Big Black Cock No. 2 over to my mouth as I continued to get fucked while Richard watched.

When his cock finally entered my mouth I went to work sliding the stiff meat in and out of my mouth. Up and down on No. 2’s thick throbbing head, in and out of my ass went No 1’s solid stiff missile and Richard’s eyes soaking up every angle from the floor. It wasn’t long before my new Big Black Cock’s were ready to cum.

When I realized the impending arrival of hot, sticky cum was upon I acted quickly.

“Get up on your fucking knees.”

Since he loved watching me get fucked so badly he was going to have to show me. As he quickly jumped to his knees I shoved that thick dark meat right into his mouth.

“Since you love me so much show me. Suck the cum out of this cock and clean the taste of Mistress off his this cock.”

I didn’t have to ask twice, he went to work like the little cunt he truly was. Sliding the stiff meat in and out, back and forth down his tight throat. Just when he thought he was down the other cock erupted all over his face, covering Richard with his kind contribution to the party.

The night was still young but we were already off to an amazing start. I as loved my Risque Romps With Richard!