I’m Looking for Mrs. Right Sexy Feet!

Is there such a thing as the right sexy feet?  Well, my husband’s cousin certainly seemed to think so.  For Eric, there was more to a woman than breasts, ass, and pussy.  At first, I thought Eric was a bit off his rocker.  Then I started to wonder if Eric was onto something.  As you read the story below, I think you’ll agree there’s a creed to some of the madness.

Anyways, this situation is not so different than other crazy sex stories that you may have heard, right?  Eric was one such fellow who absolutely adored pretty feet.  Whenever he went out with us I could always see him eyeing pretty girls and looking under the tables at their delicate feet.  Eric even told my husband that he determined many of his future relationships on whether or not they would show him toes or not.  Okay, this is probably pretty shallow to some of you reading this post.  However, is this any more unique than girls wanting guys for certain traits such as non-smokers and financial stability?

Did he finally find his Mrs. Right Sexy Feet or just an average one-size-fits-all all?

First of all, Eric told me he went on many dates.  All of the ladies were very beautiful, but when it came time to ask them to show their feet, many of the ladies became offended or weirded out.  You couldn’t blame them for feeling a bit uncomfortable about it.  For one thing, many times they were in public when he asked them to slip off their shoes or heels.  As a rule, no feet, no further dates.  There were some ladies who willingly slipped off their shoes and pantyhose for Eric to have a feel of their feet.  If the feet or toes had hard callouses or corns that would be the beginning of the end.  In other words, if they couldn’t be bothered to keep their feet presentable what else would be dirty?

As a result, I believe I think these demands made his life very lonely.  Subsequently, many of us thought Eric would be single forever.  Then one day Eric told us that he had a date.  We crossed our fingers and toes hoping he would have a girl that he liked and would stay around.  So when Eric called my husband, I made Tony get all of the details of what transpired on his date.

Eric and his date Sonia met at a beautiful outdoor eatery.  He had met Sonia on one of those online dating sites.  At least they had the sense to meet in public.  Sonia was pretty from head to shoes.  Her hair was jet black flowing down to her bottom.  She had deep brown eyes, a curvy waist, and shapely legs.  Besides her gorgeous body, Sonia was intelligent and witty.  The conversation between Eric and Sonia flowed easily.

It was time for the oh-so-big reveal!

After dinner, the two went for a walk.  They held hands and took in the remaining sunset together.  Overall, the evening was just flying by.  However, Eric noticed that Sonia was fidgeting as she walked.  She asked Eric if they could rest on a bench as her shoes were hurting.  Sonia had only purchased the heels earlier that day and she was still trying to break them in.  Eric just about lost it when she took off her heels without him asking.  He just about died and went to heaven.  Her feet were hot to behold.  Without asking, Eric reached out and put one of her dainty feet on his lap and began to caress and massage the toes.  Apparently, Sonia was totally into this and moaned her pleasure.

Rubbing and massaging, Eric explored her perfect arches, her manicured toes, and then her heel and ankle.  Eric seemed to be in a trance.  He lifted her foot to his lips and began to kiss every inch.  His cock stiffened when he realized that Sonia didn’t pull her foot away from his touch.  It was hard work to keep his erection hidden under his pants.  All Eric wanted to do was rub her feet over his cock and balls, to feel her toes rub the head of his dick, to fuck her feet till he made a mess all over the toes.  Then after all was done he would clean her feet of his cum.

So, do you have a sexy foot fetish?  Have you found the right sexy feet to excite you?  Share your hot thoughts with me.  Call me for a hot phone sex chat!


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