Revenge sex feels so good when you were wronged by your BF

Revenge sex was on my mind! Sometimes I can be a  real vindictive bitch.  revenge always makes me feel better.  I had just started going out with a guy when I heard he was fucking his ex behind my back. I was so pissed but I decided its better to just get even than to get upset about it. Dudes come and go. I found out who this chick was who he had to keep fucking. She was actually pretty hot. I asked him if the rumors were true and of course, he denied everything.

“No Baby, that was over a long time ago. You are the only girl for me.”

We were at a club one night and I noticed that the girl was also there.. my BF kept glancing over in her direction, thinking he was being so clever. I decided I was going to get back at him that night. I watched as the girl headed to the bathroom. It was probably where they would meet up behind my back. I told my cheating BF that I needed to go take a piss. He acted surprised. I was beating him to the punch.  I went into the woman’s bathroom and I grabbed her as she was entering the stall. Then I reached around and told her I wanted to eat her pussy.

She was so easy. She leaned back against the sink and spread her legs. I got on my knees on the dirty floor. I fucked her with my mouth and fingers till she came. So I took her panties and left her in a daze.

I went back to the bar and walked up to my soon-to-be ex-boyfriend and showed him the panties.  I made him smell them and asked if he recognized the smell. “She is my girl now.” I told him. Revenge can be a bitch.


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke