There is nothing more satisfying than completely owning a man and training him to be my own personal play thing…my pet.

Men are weak by nature, following their cocks through life.  It’s like I always say…Control the cock, control the man.

Some of my newest favorite pets have been highly entertaining!  They beg and whimper and moan for me.  They perform the most depraved acts imaginable, just for my attention and approval.  And owning them is so easy, but I also take it very seriously.

I make sure that my pets are well-cared for and supplied with all of they need to perform to their utmost ability.  I have cock sucking pets, pantie boy pets, jerk off instruction pets and sissy slut pets.  They may have different ways of serving, but they also have one thing in common…happiness at being owned by ME!

Their sheer desire to obey and please drives them and as a reward, I have made them famous by sharing their dirty deeds and naughty ways for the whole world to see on my blog’s pets page.  They’re famous and they love it!

Ahhh, the pure pleasure of responsible pet ownership is true satisfaction.  Want to give in and experience the joy of turning over all control?  Head over to my blog and see if you’ve already made the cut.  If not, call and let me know you want to be owned!