REPLACEMENT SEX… Have you ever heard of it?

 I bet you have, but if you haven’t let me fill you in on replacement sex!  I know, some call it rebounding.  But, what I’m speaking of is far beyond that!  Does your fantasy actually have one woman REPLACING the other briefly, resulting only in momentary satisfaction?  Did she walk away from you, Baby?  You know, the one you’re still pissed off at? The one who’s STILL breaking your heart?  Well, now you’ve found a way to pay her back, without really paying her back.  That way…is with me!

Turn the tables on that bitch and show her, she’s not the only one to step out!  Cum to me! I’ll make everything about her disappear.  Well, eXXXcept the parts with the memories that you need to relive it all again.   Did you like her torture, Baby?  Or, did her treatment beCUM your drug?  Never the less, you have a need that’s not being met.  That’s where I CUM in.  I am one phone call away and I DO ALL the things your girl won’t!

You can get the best of both worlds with replacement sex. I never CUMplain and I’m up for ANY kind of fun you’re stroking to.  Do you need me to build a little story around her rejections?  Tell me your thoughts and hear me go! I have a fertile…ummm… imagination and I’m the most creative girl you’ll meet.   I can take the reigns, or shut the fuck up and let you do what YOU do.   Don’t be shy.  I’m the safest to tell. You don’t SEE me… Now, how easy can I make it for you?

Make the choice. Have your replacement sex with ME!  I’ll do what she did to turn you on and have you groveling at my feet!

Always be YOU!


I REPLACE…NEVER Replaceable!