Religious Fetish Role Play- Naughty Nun Gets Gang Banged

There’s a little church outside of town that I drive by all the time and it always looks empty. I thought it would be a fun place to fuck then forgot about it until I was in the mood to do a nun roleplay. I went to check it out and found that there’s only a couple of people who go on Sundays for the service. So I know I’ll burn in hell for this but I’ve done lots of naughty things so figured I might as well go all out. I found a sexy little nun outfit online and bought it. When it arrived I texted a couple of fuck buddies when and where to meet me.

    I did a quick look and found the church empty. I had most of my nun outfit on already and took my coat off then slipped on the habit. Then I knelt at the altar and began to pray. Unlike most nuns I was praying not to burst into flames as Jesus looked down at me. I kept my head down as I heard footsteps behind me and hoped the priest wasn’t making a surprise visit. They stopped and I felt a warm breath on my neck. “Is it true nuns deny themselves the pleasure of sex?” a voice whispered in my ear and I ignored it.

“Don’t you miss the touch of a man?” he asked and I looked up at John. “Leave me alone.”

I told him and looked at Brandon and Jeff who were behind him. They stared at me and were rubbing themselves through their jeans. I shot them a look of disgust and went back to Jesus. John grabbed my arm, pulling me towards him and said that I wasn’t being very polite. He shoved up my skirt and shoved his hands between my legs. He found out I was wearing any panties and lifted my skirt all the way up. The other guys could see my pussy. He called me a whore then pushed me down and got between my legs.
He undid his jeans and shoved his dick into me while the others watched. Then he started thrusting in and out of me and my bare ass rubbed on the hardwood floor. It was hot knowing I was being watched but I tried to keep in the moment and hit his arms, trying to get him off me. He smacked me across the face and pinned me to the ground and kept going. Brandon dropped to his knees by my head and told John to flip me over.
He stopped fucking me for a minute and rolled me over so I was on my hands and knees then pushed his dick back in me. My face was in Brandon’s crotch and he took his dick out, slapping my lips with it. I opened my mouth for him and my teeth lightly grazed him as he pushed in. He pulled my hair as he moved my head up and down forcing me to suck him off. I could hear both of them groaning and felt John go harder with me as he got closer to cumming.

When he finally did it was with a grunt then lots of name calling.

I put my lips tighter around Brandon and went to work. Sliding up and down his shaft until cum was pouring down my throat. I went to get up but Jeff stopped me and said he hadn’t gotten his yet then went in for sloppy seconds. I stayed kneeling and my pussy was all squishy. He started fucking me. I was sore for the rough fucking John had given me and I just gave in to it letting him do what he wanted. He didn’t last long and soon he was filling me with cum.
     They left me lying there in front of the altar, my black dress around my waist and cum leaking out of me. I waited for a few minutes until I heard the cars drive off then quickly got myself together and left. Sometimes it’s fun being a nun.

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