Real Sex Stories: My New Neighbor Makes Me Cum Hard

I love sharing real sex stories, especially during phone sex. A new neighbor moved in across the hall and we’ve quickly become awesome friends, with the best benefits: lots of hot sex! I moved into my new apartment a few months ago.  It’s a quiet apartment building with great amenities. And now I have a fuck buddy, right across the hall!

One day I was at my mailbox when I noticed a tall, dark-haired man. He was very handsome, I smiled at him and said “Hey – I’m Willa – apartment 2c”
“Hey, I’m Ryan. 1c – I just moved in across the hall. Nice to meet you.”
“Welcome to the building! I love it here. Let me know if you need anything at all!” I smiled up at him.

“Oh I hope to see you again very soon Willa,” he said.

Later that day, I was taking a bath and started thinking about how there was a tall, hot guy literally across the hall. Turned on, I started thinking about ways I could seduce him which made my nipples instantly hard. I came so hard in the bathtub fantasizing about my hot, new neighbor.
I decided, why not make fantasy a reality! Dressed in a tiny tank top and shorts, I grabbed a measuring cup and headed across the hall. I knocked on the door and made sure my low-cut tank was clinging to my tits – I hadn’t worn a bra on purpose.
“Hey, neighbor – I was baking and needed some sugar. Do you have any?” I looked up at him and my eyes noticed a considerable bulge in his pants. I think he caught me staring and said “Sure, Willa. Come on in.”  He licked his lips and as I walked past him he put his hand on the small of my back. His touch felt like electricity and my pussy was instantly wet.

I turned to face him and noticed that his bulge was getting bigger. “He wants to fuck me too!” I thought excitedly. I took a chance and smiled and put my hand on his crotch.

“Let me help you with this while I’m here. To say thanks for the sugar.” I smiled.
He smiled back, unzipped his jeans and pushed my head down on his hard cock.
I’ll be honest. Having a fuck buddy across the hall is a pretty nice apartment perk.  You should call me soon and I’ll tell you some of the other ways we’ve fucked lately. Or tell me what kind of Hot Phone Sex makes you want to cum hard? Maybe we can roleplay I’m your naughty neighbor?
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