Real Lesbian Sex is a magical cure for a broken heart. Did you know that, my sexy one? Oh, yes. Once upon a time, this sweet little PSO girl got heartbroken by a naughty boy. My best friend Sarah answered my tearful call and told me to come home for a visit. I just needed a distraction to help me “get over him.” Quality time between girlfriends is the best fix for a breakup. It was just before her birthday. We could go out together and celebrate. And celebrate we did, babe. With Real Lesbian Sex.

We’d played before, but I didn’t know that sweet and sultry Sarah wanted ME for her extra-special birthday gift!

Her parents were out of town, and we were both single, so we got dressed up that night and hit the town. A fancy dinner for two. Lots of flirting. We were both horny! And, with me being newly single, there were new possibilities to relive our younger shenanigans. It had been years since our wild hot tub fucking, but I knew Sarah still wanted me. At dinner, she looked at me like she wanted to taste me. Smiling flirtatiously, she leaned into me and put her head on my shoulder. Whispering in my ear “I can’t wait to get you home.” Her hand slid into my lap and teased my thigh gap, just over my panties beneath my skirt.

I knew as soon as we got back to her house, Sarah and I were going to have amazing Real Lesbian Sex.

“Do you want to help me ice my birthday cupcakes?” Sarah asked coyly. Always the domestic goddess, she loved to cook and bake. On the kitchen counter were a dozen plain cupcakes. She uncovered a bowl of pretty pink icing and swooped it artfully onto the cupcakes, piping it into beautiful swirls. I watched her tight little ass as she wiggled happily. She knew I was watching, and bent over the counter to expose her panties beneath her short skirt. It was so hot. I came up behind her and slid both hands underneath to cup her ass. She moaned and leaned further over the counter.

I explored with my fingers between her thighs, hooked her panties aside, and began stroking her pussy from behind.

Within moments, she was loudly moaning the pleasure of her orgasm and cumming into my hand, hips thrusting frantically as she rode my fingers. Sarah was such a fun lesbian slut and so delightfully responsive. Her panties were soaked with her juices. She’s a squirter! I grabbed a cupcake to celebrate and took a broad lick of the thick pink icing. At just that moment, Sarah spun around and kissed me deeply. Our tongues tangled sweetly. Real Lesbian Sex always includes pussy licking goodness, and my girl didn’t disappoint. She led me over to the kitchen table and pushed me down onto my back. Sarah slipped my panties down my thighs and buried her face in my cunt like she was licking like tasting icing off one of those pink sweet cupcakes. It felt so good! She circled my clit with her tongue, finger fucked me, and massaged my g-spot until I came screaming.

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Nerdy Sexy Lilah
Nerdy Sexy Lilah