Rape From the Neighbor

Ever since Sally and Hank moved in next door I have fantasized about what it would be like to fuck Sally’s husband. I had no idea that Hank’s fetish for me involved rape. As a divorced woman I am often on my own. Sally and I are cordial to each other but I really wouldn’t call her my friend. She seems to be threatened by me. Maybe she knew something about her husband that I didn’t know. One of our neighbor’s had a 50th birthday pool party and many of us on the block attended.  Hank and Sally were there.

I tried to avoid eye contact with Sally because I couldn’t stop staring at her husband Hank. His body was so toned and muscular. He looked so hot in his swim trunks and I noticed that I wasn’t the only naughty neighbor staring at his hot body. Hank and I had a real sexy flirtation going for most of the afternoon. It was fun but rape was the furthest thing from my mind. I wore a hot red bikini and my body was looking extra hot in it. Hank wasn’t the only guy checking me out but he was the only one I had any interest in.

The hostess of the party pulled Sally into the kitchen to help her with the preparations and that’s when Hank made his move on me

. “Genie, you sure look sexy. Let’s sneak over to your house for a minute. I want to talk to you about something.” When we got to my house I thought we would both make out and get touchy feely but as soon as I closed the front door Hank’s hands were around my neck choking me and he was calling me “bitch” and “whore”. He threw me on to my sofa and ripped off my swimsuit. With his hand around my neck, he climbed on top of me to thrust his huge cock inside of me. He called me horrible names as he continues to rape me. I felt like a victim in my own home.

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