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He starts pulling on the straps trying to free himself, He wants to touch so bad tying him up only teases him. He’s blindfolded so he can’t see its her pussy on his cock and not mine. The harder she rides him the more wet I get. She gets off his cock rides his face his face is buried in her pussy. His moaned are muffled by her pussy. His cock is so hard I can practically see it throbbing. She slides her mouth back over his cock and I can’t wait to watch him explode all inside her pretty little mouth and have her swallow every ounce that comes out. Her mouth teasing, licking, and sucking his cock head he throbs harder and harder inside her mouth I squirt all over my toy and then I see him fill up her mouth. That was so hot and intense but should I tell him the truth or let him think what he already thinks?

Kelsey (2014)Kinky Kelsey