Punishment is such a bitch, isn’t it!

Punishment time my little bitch, I stroll to a cabinet, under your watchful gaze, pulling out a small plastic bag attached to a long, flexible tube and a dildo. This one is short and fat, with wide spirals going down to its flared bottom. I look at you; your eyes widen, then clench shut. You concentrate on breathing. Laughing, I walk to the sink, then let the water flow until it’s more than comfortably hot. I fill the bag and snap the tube, just to see you jump before walking to the freezer. My nipples tighten with the rush of cold air and I quickly toss three long ice cubes into a bowl of water, along with the dildo. You whimper as I approach you, I only smile sweetly – with a touch of evil.

Kneeling in front of you, I place the bowl between your legs, slightly behind, you can’t see anything but the top of my head and the hand holding the water-filled bag that I have hooked to a nail on the cross. I tell you it time to punish you for your lack of obedience.

I take the tube and I shove it into your ass not being the least bit gentle after all this is punishment, not play! Then I undo the clamp that has been holding the hot water back from flowing free and you feel the gush of hot water go into your ass. It burns a little but as quickly as I shoved it in, I pull the tube back out and I then grab the dildo that has been laying in the ice bowl and I ram it up your ass!

Are you learning your lesson yet my little bitch!

The shock of the cold as I fuck your ass is almost too much to bare, you cry out in a combination of pain and pleasure.

Want to know how the rest of your punishment will play out?

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