Public Sex Stories are the best!!

Have you ever talked to someone, and wondered if they had any epic public sex stories to share? I have one of the best you will ever hear! In this sex story I will blow your mind and keep you coming back for so many more phone sex stories!!! Although, you know how badly you need to get super naughty and freaky with a girl like myself!

Well lets get into this super naughty story about two amazing college girls, shall we?!?!

You see, my friend and I have always been doing all of these super crazy wild naughty things together to see who’s more Daring! So, one day we found this Gif on the internet of this guy riding a bike with a dildo in his bum! SO we decided that we wanted to give it a try.

Now I have your interest, huh?

IT WAS SO AMAZING!!!! I loved having super naughty fun with my bestie in public!

So there we were, riding our bikes down the street with dildos fastened to the seats! We both had on skirts so you couldn’t really tell what was going on, but omgosh was it amazing! Sitting there with everyone’s eyes on us, bringing ourselves near orgasm as we peddled our ways down the street!

You should have seen the eyes of the people listening to us moan as we strolled by them on our bicycles! It was so totally amazing! Knowing that we were making every man within earshot of us horny, and almost every woman very very jealous! I love being naughty in public, in my super naughty public sex stories!

What will we think of next?

So, Do you have any great ideas?  I would love to hear more from you and get the low down on what other super naughty things you think we should do!

Hot Phone Sex!