Public sex stories

Public sex stories

I have a few public sex stories but my latest one is the hottest and was the most fun. Victoria secret dressing room was one of my favorite spots. Trying on the outfits turned into a type of foreplay for me and fuck buddy David. Each outfit I tried on teased the hell out of him and eventually ended up with him sneaking inside the fitting room with me. To pick out the best outfits for us we decided to give them a test run. I slipped inside this black and purple corset with the matching thongs. His mouth dropped open, and his hands wrapped around me grabbing onto my ass. I turned around and bent over, and in my sweet innocent voice said “does daddy like?” His hands grabbing me all over told me everything I needed to know.

The corset had my boobs pushed up and together which is why David couldn’t take his eyes off them. Of course I modeled it for a little while just to tease David. When l I felt his hard cock through his jeans that’s when I dropped down to my knees. While looking up at him I slipped his cock inside my mouth. He’s never had sex in public before, he was a little shy at first but I helped him get over that. If you haven’t had a blowjob in a fitting room your missing out. I took off the panties and started to get undressed but David had other plans. He stood me up, turned me backside to him and started fucking me against the mirror. I could see he was watching my facial expressions in the mirror has he slammed me harder.

We weren’t exactly quiet but I think people knowing became part of the fun. People looking at us as we continuing shopping, its like they new the naughty things we had been doing in the fitting room. Fucking in the victoria secret fitting room is only one of my public sex stories. Let’s get together for some adult chat. We can share our most naughty sex stories . Haven’t tried public sex yet but curious? Call me for a role play and I’ll help you explore it.

Kinky Kelsey