Public Sex – Sex On The Beach

Public Sex – It was one of those days where I needed to get away.  The beach made sense.  When I’m on overwhelm and need a break – my go to is always the beach.  All I had to do was make one call and BAM.  One of my “partners in crime” agreed to go with me.  He drove part of the way and I drove part of the way.  Blasting music that we both love with the windows down.  We always have so much fun hanging out together.  Singing away off key but who cares?  We don’t.  Never have.  Never will.

Checking into a cheap hotel because that’s all that was available on the spur of the moment since this was not planned ahead of time.

He took me to a few wineries on our drive down, and it was beautiful but since I don’t drink I guess I didn’t get the whole experience?  There we were.  The ocean and not crowded and the sun was setting.  He was feeling rather horny and my car was parked right there on the beach.  I’m a sucker for the kissing on my neck and tweaking my nipples.  OMG.  Are we teenagers making out in a car right now?

I could hear the waves as the sun went down as we were in my car.

He crawled up over the console and mounted me as I let the seat back.  He pounded me hard and fell asleep while still inside and on top of me.  I heard water and woke him up.  Sure as shit.  The tide had come in and was under my car.  He had to get dressed in a hurry and call a tow service to pull my car out.  He had literally fucked me and my car into the sand.  True story.

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