Public masturbation phone sex is one of the best phone sex experiences ever.

You never know when the urge might hit you to masturbate. It was a beautiful sunny May day – I had one of those moments.  Cruising down the highway a familiar song was playing on the radio.  I never closely listened to the song “Like A Prayer” by Madonna.  After my recent experience with “The Man of God” – This bad girl was going to heaven.  One way or another!!   Just the thought –  I couldn’t help myself.  Hmmm “When you call my name, it’s like a little prayer – I’m down on my knees, I wanna take you there – In the midnight hour I can feel your power.”   Mmmm – Nothing could compare to the power you had over me that cold March day. You warmed me up and made me feel so devilish. Then again – I don’t think I needed much prompting. Who was leading who to the gates of hell.  Without even thinking – My hand slowly slide down my skirt and up between my creamy thighs.  Breathing deeply as I listened closely to the words.  I had to pull the car over and continue just vigorously fingering my pussy on this hot little public masturbation excursion.   The thought of  Priest Adonis came rushing back. I wish he was watching me and how hot public masturbation actually is.

How easy it was to be to taken by a Priest.   His looks – his mannerism – his voice – as he stood in front of the church.   The choice was no longer mine – I was drawn to him – it was God calling me. I was his angel and he was gonna spread my wings.   Leaning back in my seat – I closed my eyes and parted my pussy lips – sliding one finger in – then two.   The feeling was too intense.   I couldn’t control myself.  My mind wandered back to being at the church. Teasing  – licking – sucking and fucking over and over.  Not having any remorse.  Something so wrong – could feel so right.  I could feel my body start to quiver as I exploded with pleasure. Public masturbation for some reason always seems soooo much hotter than doing it alone. Catching my breath and opening my eyes – let’s just say – I wasn’t alone.   What followed next is another adventure I would love to share with you.  I’m waiting for you now.  Let’s take an adventure we will never forget. Call me for some public masturbation phone sex.

Kiss Kiss