Prostate Massage: Schedule An Exam With Your Naughty Nurse

Prostate Massage, with fingers or a toy inside your ass, is nothing to fear. In fact, you should open up and enjoy the sensation of a good milking. I think this is a good start to exploring anal for a man. See us woman know about the hidden gem of an anal orgasm. For myself, it’s a sure way to make me squirt like a fountain. If you love kinky little first time sex stories, you’re about to find yourself in the middle of the best. My imagination, when it comes to sex,  can be a bit on the wild side. I assure you that it will be jack off worthy.
When a man comes to me whether in person or on the phone, I make sure he’s pleased. I want people to walk through this world with no regrets. I make sure that it is all possible. You want to try anal for the first time. Not giving, but receiving. Whether you have experienced the pleasures of a prostate orgasm or you are a virgin this will be a very hot and memorable experience.

A first-time prostate massage should always have an experienced hand.

We had an appointment for the next evening, his wife was out and he was all ready to play. He told me he had been wanting to do this for a very long time. I made him clean out his asshole before he called me.  A few enemas later, he was squeaky clean. That can make or break an experience. He got undressed and laid on his back, a pillow under his butt and his legs high up in the air. He did as he was told. A good submissive always does. He is well-trained and does as he’s told. My pet is such a good boy.
He laid the phone down, keeping me on the speaker. I want to hear everything. I would lead him through this procedure step by step. Lubing up his asshole, there was a pool of the viscous fluid allowed to sit in the well before he was entered. I could hear the quiver in his voice as the first finger slipped in. He called out in a deep moan when the second one pushed down into his anal cavity.  A prostate massage will open this man up to a new world of pleasure. I could hear the changes in his voice to know he was loving this adventure.

Rolling his fingers over the walnut shaped gland, he called out that he was cumming and couldn’t stop.

Of course, this was what we wanted. Prostate milking is a wild experience. Four fingers deep, his asshole gaping, my pet was enjoying a first time anal experience. For over an hour he came without warning. So weary that he needed fluids before leaving. I don’t think that he realized the addiction to a deep anal exam till now. We have another appointment next week, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

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