My girlfriend got pregnant during our drunken threesome.

I think in that drunken moment she wanted him to get her pregnant. The way she wrapped her legs around his shoulders as he slid his hard cock inside, drawing him in deep . . . it was like she was hungry for his cum.

I got behind him thrusting inside her so I could lick her sloppy cunt as he penetrated it. He was dropping down inside her as fast as he could, fucking her like crazy. And it was driving her crazy, too. I’d never heard her moan and beg for more quite like that before.

His balls were getting so tight, I couldn’t help but reach up and give them a healthy squeeze. Who knew my guy friend of all these years was so virile, so full of seed to get us pregnant?

As I squeezed I felt him start to cum deep inside my girlfriend. She let out another long moan.

“My turn,” I said as I pulled him off her, climbing on top of her to rub out wet pussies together. She was going to share that cum while we scissored.

The next thing I knew, he was inside me. He was fucking me deep from behind while we continued to rub our hard, wet clits together. My girlfriend started to have a clitoral orgasm, pushing some of that creampie out while she came and turning me on even more.

His grip on my ass tightened and I could feel he was just about to blow his hot load again. I pushed back into him, making sure his cock was all the way inside. I didn’t want to miss a single drop!

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