How About a Little Post Orgasm Torture?

I love being a dirty little cock tease. I love slicking up your cock and edging you. ALSO love introducing you to post orgasm torture after you cum!

What is post orgasm torture you ask? Good question! It’s one of the most sexy, intense, erotic, and evil activities you can engage in when you have a man with a hard cock in a submissive situation! I love taking a cock tease addict like YOU, putting you in a straight-back chair, tying your hands behind your back at the wrists; and of course, your ankles to the chair legs.

I take some baby oil, pour it over my hands, and drench your aching, sensitive cock with it! And your balls as well. I can and HAVE spent hours teasing a hard cock that way. Pumping slowly; then faster; more aggressively, until I’m jerking your cock hard and furiously! Edging you closer and closer to orgasm; your balls tightening; your hips lifting and trying to buck your cock upward into my hand; feeling that vein on the sensitive underside of your shaft pulsing just beneath your cock head.


Your cock aches maddeningly as it stands straight up in the air; throbbing and pulsing and tingling and jerking! I rest my head on your thigh and look up at you teasingly; running my finger around and around the head of your cock, giggling as you squirm and moan. I tell you any and EVERY dirty thing I can think of to torture your cock and make you beg for me to stroke it again!


It feels SO fucking good that within a minute or two, you are edged right back to where we stopped before. You beg me not to stop this time. You feel like you’ve been tortured enough. Now you don’t know it yet, but the REAL torture hasn’t even started yet! I laugh to myself as I slick my hands up with oil again and start to jerk your cock off, fast and hard! Your hips are bucking wildly. You are thinking to yourself, FINALLY! She’s finally going to stop tormenting my cock and let me cum!

I let you cum.

The force of your orgasm is wickedly intense because of all my teasing and edging. Your cum shoots out of your cock first, in big long spurts; then it continues to pour down your cock and onto your balls; finally dribbling. You squirm as my hand, still firm on your cock, milks the last drops of your cum out. You let out a long, deep sigh of satisfaction. Then suddenly, you jump and strain against your bindings as my hand wraps hard around your cock and continues to pump it, refusing to let you get soft! You squirm, but you can’t get away – I tied you too tightly.

There’s no escape from this intense sensation! It feels good, but it feels too good! You can’t take anymore! But – you HAVE to take more. You have to take all the post orgasm torture I feel like giving you! There’s nothing you can do about it – why not just go with it? 95% of the time? I can make my cock tease fuck toys cum a second time!  That second orgasm hurts SO good!

At least – that’s what I’ve heard. 🙂
Call me – we’ll find out together!

Your evil post orgasm torture slut,

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