Positions to blow your mind and load

The Kama Sutra, which is considered to be the standard work on human sexual behavior, is supposed to be the “hot” guide for exciting sex.  In reality, the text (which was composed a really long time ago) contains quite a bit more information.  It’s actually a guide to a virtuous and gracious living that discusses the nature of love, family life, and other aspects pertaining to pleasure oriented faculties of human life.  Since about 20% is actually dedicated to sex positions, it’s my opinion this may not be such a hot guide to use for spicing up your sex life.

With over 245 different positions to try, I’ll focus on 8 (of the 17) men love the most.  Some of them you’ll know as well as you know your hand, but for the ones you haven’t heard of, I definitely recommend researching them.

Woman on Top:  This position puts her on top and in control.   While she sets the pace, it gives you a great view and leaves your hands free to roam.

Missionary:  A female favorite where you’re in control yet she can still make eye and lip contact with ease.

Reverse Cowgirl: She’s back on top and in control, but this time facing your feet. It gives you the “Doggie Style” view and doesn’t allow for a lot of touching or eye contact.

Doggie Style: This rear-entry position puts you in control.  Since you’re calling the shots, you can choose the speed that’s best for you as it allows for deeper penetration.

Standing Up: Whether you bend her over the kitchen table or push her against a wall, this position isn’t about making love; it’s about sweaty, hard fucking.

If you tire easily, try

Spooning: A lazy yet affectionate method giving you total access to her, freeing her hand up to rub her clit.

Otherwise…go for

The Lap Dance: Take a seat, and allow her to get on top and take control. She’ll be happy being close and have great access for kissing and eye contact. You’ll not only love watching her on top of you, but you can be aggressive with your hands. You can pull her closer (to get your mouth to her nipples), pull her hair, or play with her nipples.


The Valedictorian: My personal favorite, this position is like the Missionary, but her ankles are on your shoulders.  This is not only great for eye contact, but it allows for deep penetration, access to tits/nipples (hers or yours), and gives either of you access to her clit.

For the rest, stay tuned for my next blog; otherwise, call me and I’ll do you in whatever position you love the most!

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