Popsicle Play Is Sticky, Sexy, and Fun With My Best Friend!

Popsicle play sounds like it’s sticky and kinda gross, right? Well, it’s not! Let me tell you. Boy, it is fantastic and feels so good.

My best friend comes over on a super hot day and brings a box of popsicles. I laugh and say “What are we gonna watch Nickelodeon too?” She giggles and just puts them in the freezer. We start to just talk about anything and everything.

She asks what’s going on and how my boyfriend and I are doing. I tell her how good we are and how much fun he is. I mean yeah, she and I talk every day but it’s more fun to talk in person. We start to talk about sex.

Of course, she asks if he’s fucking me good. And I tell her that he is and she looks me up and down and says “Well, can he play with you as well as I can?” And she walks over to me. I look up at her and smile.

She takes off her t-shirt and shows me that she isn’t wearing a bra with those gorgeous fake titties of hers. And I just slide my hands up her body and start to play with her nipples. She moans as I bite on her nipple. And I then start to take off her short little mini skirt and panties.

She stands naked in front of me.

I bring her close to me and start to rub her pussy. Mmm, nice and wet already. I lick my fingers to taste her and she says “Wait! I have an idea!” She scrambles over to the freezer.

Looking at her, sort of questioning her with my eyes, I just kind of tilt my head. She brings out the box of popsicles and holds them up. I just couldn’t help but think of the mess it’ll make. She sets them on the table and pulls me up to undress me.

She lays me down on my dining table and unwraps a popsicle. I look at her with wide eyes and wonder what’s going to happen. She brings the popsicle up to my lips and I lick and suck it for a moment. Then she trails down my neck to my breasts.

She traces circles around my nipples making them wet with popsicle juice. I smile and giggle because it’s so cold and makes my nipples super hard. She leans down and licks all around my nipples to clean them off. I just lie back and enjoy her.

Regina then spreads my legs apart and traces my entire pussy. I flinch as I feel how cold it is but let her continue on her little journey to my pussy hole. Then I feel her spread my lips and start to push the popsicle into my pretty little pussy. I look down to see the popsicle being used to fuck me.

The cold was a little bit much but it felt so good.

Regina then takes out the popsicle and slurps up every drop out of my pussy. She cleans me up pretty well and then it’s her turn. I sit her on her knees and then start to play with her nipples. Then I clean them off as soon as the popsicle drips down her big tits.

I have her ass up and face down soon enough and take a new popsicle and lick it so it gets all drippy. Then I push the popsicle into her ass, nice and slow. She squeals as I push it further inside of her. She said this reminded her of my ice dildo a few years ago.

I laugh and continue to fuck her ass with my sweet, wet, dripping popsicle. She has me take it out as it was getting a little too cold. So I lick and slurp all the juice from her asshole. So sweet and delicious.

I then flip her over and just go to town on her pussy. Making her cum on my table. I love making my best friend cum. And popsicle play was definitely the way to go this time!

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