Pleasuring myself was something I discovered at a relatively young age.

I have been pleasuring myself daily for half of my life! I can remember being a young teen, totally addicted to the rush of an orgasm. Pleasuring myself was something I thought about all day at school. It was very distracting actually.
When I first started masturbating I was in the shower and discovered that the water felt really good against my clit. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t even really know what a clit was, but I knew it felt really good when the water hit it. We had a shower where the shower head was on a hose and you could hold it in your hand. Of course, it didn’t take long for me to discover that the jet-setting was the ticket to an intense orgasm.

My high school sweetheart bought me my first vibrator. That changed the whole game for me and masturbation became a near obsession. I would make myself cum so many times in a row I would literally put myself to sleep. It wasn’t long before I had amassed quite a collection of sex toys.

These days I require a little extra stimulation in order to cum from masturbating.

I often like to watch porn while I use my vibrator on my clit. Reading erotica also gets my juices flowing and I love to slide my hand down my panties and rub my clit while I read a particularly freaky scene.

Just earlier today I was watching an erotic massage porno on Redtube and I loved it. I find the sight of a man’s strong hands rubbing and caressing a woman’s body to be deeply arousing. Like to prop my phone up on the pillow near my head so I can see the screen while I rub my pussy. I got off so hard to that video that I ended up making myself squirt. My orgasm was super intense.

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