My sister’s son has grown so big over the years. He’s taller and bigger than his dad. I’ve noticed that he has a violent temper especially when he drinks. And he drinks a lot. I don’t like it when he comes over to my house unannounced. My husband told me that if he ever comes over when I’m alone to lock the doors and do not let him in. I wish I would have listened.


My husband and his friend had been planning their fishing trip for a long time. Before he left he kissed me goodbye and warned me saying, “Your sister’s son kept bugging me about when I was leaving on my fishing trip and how long I’d be gone. I was vague with him and acted like I may not go. I don’t trust him. So I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to come over here while I’m gone. I don’t like the way he looks at you and I don’t trust that sick bastard.” I said, “But he’s my nephew. he’s family.

So I don’t think there is anything to worry about.” But my husband knew better. “Your nephew is a sick fuck. He’s a fucking alcoholic and drug addict and I think he’s hot for his Aunt. Make sure you lock the doors and don’t let that sick fuck in the door.” He kissed me goodbye and left on his trip. I was nervous and scared because I knew my husband was right.

I settled into a nice hot bath and relaxed. After my bath, I poured a glass of red wine and curled up on the sofa in my robe, and watch a movie on pay-per-view. It was late and I decided to go to bed after the movie went off. Then all of a sudden I heard a strange sound like someone was trying to open the side door. I could hear my drunk nephew’s voice calling to me from outside. “Open up the door, Auntie, and let me in. You shouldn’t be all alone. Let me in. I’ll protect you.” I was so scared. “Go away. Go home. I’m fine. It’s late.”

It was quiet. I went upstairs to my room. I lay in bed and hugged my pillow. So I couldn’t sleep for fear he would return. Then I heard a loud crash like glass breaking and the door opening. Oh my goodness he’s in my house. I heard his footsteps coming up the stairs. He kicked open my bedroom door. I screamed. He smacked me in the face and said, “Shut up you bitch.” He grabbed me and threw me on the bed and started unzipping his pants. I yelled, “Please Don’t Rape Your Auntie.” And with that, he slapped me again and said, “I’m going to fuck the hell out of that pussy and then I’m going to punish your ass, bitch.” My night of horror was just beginning.


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