love playing with my neighbor’s wife. I always knew I was a little naughty, & I even had some fun adventures in college..where everyone’s drunk & having a good time.  But after I started trying to encourage the neighbors to have a 3some, I realized I was going to start by seducing the wife. In the end, I got what I wanted – and a lot more that I didn’t expect. I didn’t think I’d make it a habit to frequently play with another girl. I love getting fucked – HARD. So it kinda took me by surprise when I realize I loved it, and I wanted more of it! 

I guess that means I will be a lot more threesomes now! All because of someone’s naughty suggestion.. I now have a new “fuckbuddy”. It’s hard to catch her, but when I do, we could spend all afternoon in bed. Just playing with vibrators & our tongues all night.. We let her husband watch, too. He’s been loving it, getting to lay back and relax. He’s getting porn made right in front of him, in person. Sometimes he can’t resist just watching and decides to jump in.. and by then, I’ve gotten his wife so excited that she doesn’t care if I play with him too.

They were just a regular couple ’til I walked in 😉 Now I try to come up with little ways of inviting myself over and getting them to invite me in for another playdate. I wonder how long it’ll last.. Usually people don’t keep doing 3somes for long, before some kind of drama spikes up. But I know for now, it’s my dirty little heaven & I’m going to play with her as much as I can.

Come play with me.

Dirty Sexting