Sex Toys are important to every horny slut so when I broke one of mine I needed to go go to the sex shop ASAP!

Sex Toys should be made stronger.  I broke my string of anal beads, don’t ask how, and needed to buy some new ones so I went to the sex shop. I only meant to buy one thing and go home but all those sex toys grabbed my attention and I just had to look around.

     So I wandered down the aisles looking at all the Sex Toys. Picking up a butt plug then telling myself I didn’t need it before grabbing a ball gag. I made myself put that back too then found a cute pink vibe that I just had to have. Held it in my hand and thought of how good it would feel in me when shiny handcuffs caught my eye. I went over to them and grabbed a silver pair that were heavy and good quality. I could have so much fun with them and the sales guy thought so too because he came over to me.

“Like these, do you?” he asked, grabbing the handcuffs from me and holding them up.

He was smirking at me and he had a sexy little look on his face. “Yeah but I’m not sure how to use them,” I told him, playing the innocent virgin which none of us believed. “Well, why don’t you follow me and I’ll give you a demonstration?” He went to the back of the store and I followed him like he knew I would. He unsnapped them and told me to turn around which I did. Then he pushed my face down over the counter. Pulled my arms behind my back, handcuffing my arms behind me.

He grabbed my skirt and shoved it up while tugging down my panties and I felt them fall to my ankles. He kicked my legs apart and ran his hands over my ass. Then slipped a hand between my legs. He rubbed a finger over my pussy and I pushed back. Hoping he’d finger me. Instead, he teased me by giving me little touches until I was soaking wet when he stopped and I heard a zipper go down. He pushed his dick into me and my pussy stretched around him as the inches went in.

I moaned and he put one hand on top of mine, holding the chain of the handcuffs and making them press into me. The metal felt cold and the naughtiness of doing this when anyone could walk in and catch us made me get so excited. He started fucking me and the edge of the counter hit my waist every time he thrust forward, making me feel all bruised. His hand leaned on me and the handcuffs bit into my back as he panted behind me.

He kept going and I felt so wet down there as my pussy gushed and juices slipped out of me.

My pussy throbbed and tightened as his dick rubbed past my walls, going deep inside me. It was so hard to breathe with my arms behind me and my face against a glass counter, I could barely move and I just let him do what he wanted. It felt good to be used by him and when he started giving me hard deep thrusts I cried out for me until I came hard. He must have cum nearly as soon as I did because by the time I was able to focus again I had a pussy full of cum.

He undid the handcuffs and I fixed myself up before telling him I’d take them. As he went to the cash register I said “Oh yeah, I also want to buy some anal beads. Maybe you could show me how those work too.” I was in that store for hours and you don’t want to know how much money I ended up spending.

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