My buddy and I were always goofing off. Always so curious about everything and never stayed out of trouble. We were having a sleep over and watching a movie in the basement. Ashley was a short blonde with blue eyes and full red lips. A natural beauty, if you can imagine I was a bit late in the game and hadn’t developed to much yet.
Her step brother came running down the stairs and had a Play Boy in his hand. He was out of breathe and hiding under the stairs. Ashley’s father came half way down the stairs and poked his head out. He asked if we had seen Robbie. We shook our heads no.

Robbie was tall and lean. At the age of 17 he was every teens dream. Ashley grabbed the magazine from Robby and flipped through the pages. Every page was girls with their pussies spread wide open…I wondered how anyone thought a vagina was, well…. sexy. I voiced my wonder and Robbie smiled. He picked up the mag and sat across from Ashley and I.

He explained he had only been with 2 girls ever, but he loved how hot they felt when he was inside. He thought a woman’s  V was absolutely amazing. He left the room and even left the magazine. Ashley and I flipped through it slowly, teasing all the different types of pussies.

In the back we saw a small picture of two woman. One on her back making an O shape with her mouth, the other with her face buried deep in her cunt. Ashley pulled the picture closer to examine it. She asked me if I wanted to try to do it like the two women in the picture. I was pretty nervous. She laid down and pulled her panties off and spread her legs. He pussy had a light dusting of blonde pubes. Her’s didn’t look to bad. Was really pink, the lips were full but short. She had just a hint of odor mixed with soap.

I honestly sat there for 5 minutes just staring at her twat…like it was going to attack me.I was breathing allot of warm air on her because my face was so close to her. She was slick already, I made my tongue stiff (Not knowing what to do) and wiggled my tongue between her folds. She tasted like fruit, I relaxed my tongue and moved my tongue up to her tiny nub. I licked at it and suckled. I heard a low groan come from her. I pulled her pussy open wider and dipped my tongue in her lower. I rimmed it around the opening to her hole. I went back up her slit and tickled her clit with my mouth. I touched her with my fingers the same way I liked to be touched. She pulled her shirt up and over her breast and she started to tease her nipples. I was getting really turned on watching her have such pleasure. I couldn’t wait for my turn.

She pushed her face into the pillow and let out a loud cry. More juice flowed from her pussy. I kept licking and fingering her pussy. Her whole body shook and she push my face away and said it was too much. She was breathing hard and trying to calm herself. She had heavy eyes like she was about to fall asleep. She just kept saying

“Holy shit that was amazing! You have to try it!”
I laid down like she did. Ashley was far more bold then I was. She shoved my legs back and without hesitation she shoved her tongue so fucking far up my pussy I could feel her teeth pushing against my clit. Deep inhale in and I held it until she drove me insane. I kept trying to close my legs but she put both her forearms on the inside of my legs. I was so out of control. I whipped my head to the side and made little whimpers.

I open my eyes for a second and saw her brother crouched down watching us. He was stroking his hard cock and fixated on what she was doing to me. I watched him the whole time Ashley tongue fucked me. Made me tingle all over knowing he though what we were doing was hot. I felt the build up and my abs jerked me into an upright position, I put my hand on the top of her head and rocked my hips. I threw my head back and moaned deep into myself.
Ashley pulled back and look up at me. Huge smile on her face. Her mouth was shinny with all my pussy juice. She hear something on the stairs and saw Robbie yanking his dick. He had obviously just finished because he slowed down and sat breathing hard.

“That was fuckin’ awesome! Let me know when you do that again.” He pushed his cock back into his pants and ran back up the stairs. Ashley and I both giggled….
Once I had a taste of pussy I crave it. If no guy is around to give me what I need, I have no problem switching to a sexy wanting pussy.



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