I always told myself I would never ever do pity sex, my girlfriends have done it and i’ve always scolded them for doing it because I don’t believe in fucking anyone i’m not attracted to or that won’t give me the cock I need in my pussy. But I now stand corrected!

So I went out with this really really good looking guy named Jim and he was nice but after the first date I always dive into the fun accept Jim kept stalling. Finally after the 3rd date I made it clear if we weren’t gonna fuck then I wasn’t interested anymore so he agreed. So he came into my place and we started getting hot and heavy but he kept shying me away from his cock and I love sucking dick so after he ate my pussy I thought I would get the chance to suck him off, well instead Jim carried me to my room and tossed me on the bed.

His clothing finally came off and I was so excited to finally see his cock but…

There was nothing to see just this tiny little thing “What do you think?” He asked eagerly waiting for me to tell him. I felt so bad and wrapped a few fingers around it stroking it and saying nothing! Praying that he wasn’t hard yet but he was. “Tinsley what do you think?” He half moaned and half demanded “it’s….nice” I finally managed out.

I was so let down and worst of all I still fucked him! I pity fucked him! I didn’t even know when his cock slid in so as soon as I felt him moving against me from behind I started faking my moans but truthfully I just couldn’t feel a thing. Poor poor Jim after that night I lost his number and never looked back….

Trouble is it’s left me craving a real cock, I need to be fucked nice and hard! I need to sate this hunger for cock!



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