I was a vivacious teen. I did crazy things all the time! I spent my weekends at concerts and parties. One weekend I went to a great concert with a friend and while we were searching for the bathroom.. I got propositioned for something I didn’t think I would do. I pissed on a guy for money. Cum on it and let me tell you about it…


So, my girlfriend wanted to see this band in Tempe which is 3 hours away. I asked my mom and she was absolutely cool with it. Well, we got a hotel room and went shopping for the best concert clothes! My friend got some tight jeans, ankle boots, and a cute crop top with the band logo on it. I wanted everyone to notice me. So, I wore a tight corset top, knee-high boots, fishnet stockings, and a very short skirt. I couldn’t wait for everyone to check me out!

We waited in line for 2 hours to get into the concert venue. Guys were checking me out left and right and I was just fine with that. My friend gave them a little show, of course. Lifted my skirt and caressed my ass for them all. Girlfriends were pissed but I didn’t care. We got in and everyone pushed their way up to the gate by the stage. Luckily I and my friend got there and were 2 people on the stage.

Halfway through the awesome concert, I had to take a piss. So, we had security help us over the rail.. and I went out with a bang when I accidentally kick a guy in the head. Oops! But everyone saw my white thong and went nuts. Which, of course, I loved. We looked on the side for a bathroom but nothing.. just a bar. I was doing the potty dance when a VERY inebriated guy walked up to me and said “HEY. You! You’re HOT. I.. I.. will pay YOU $300 to piss on me!” I raised my eyebrow and thought about the money.

I dragged him to the bathroom with me. He smiled and laughed a lot.. and he wasn’t bad-looking. He handed me the money which I gave to my girl to keep safe and I took him into a stall. He paid on the floor in front of the toilet where I squatted. I rubbed my little pussy outside of my thong and smiled as he watched me and got hard. He licked his lips and I pulled my thong over…

If you want to know what exactly happened then give me a call. 😉 You won’t regret it.. it’ll be the best phone sex you’ve ever had!