I have a cleaning business that is geared towards helping bachelors keep their bachelor pads spick and span, but there’s a catch. The catch is that I offer a little bit more than cleaning services. I started the business because I’ve dated so many men who just have no idea how to keep a house clean. As soon as I mounted the business clients started calling almost instantly.

What happens is the guy calls or emails me requesting my services. If the guy requests a SEMI-CLEANING, that means he only wants a hand job or a blow job with maybe some titty sucking and pussy play/fingering. However, if the guy asks for the FULL CLEANING or THE WORKS then I know that he wants to use my body as his playground!

luv2bslappedaround: Why is the housekeeping staff something fagot????

My services will never let you down. When you call, I show up at your door dressed in my full maid uniform. I will double check with you to make sure that I’m at the right house and confirm the “cleaning” package that you requested. My “cleaning bag” is full of everything that I will need in order to make the experience very memorable.

The bag is fully equipped with; lube, sexy thongs, candles (to set the mood), large dildo, butt plugs (ya never know), handcuffs, and an assortment of other pleasantries that are guaranteed to ensure a great “cleaning” experience. When the door closes behind me, pants drop and I become the best cleaning woman of your dreams.

I specialize in pipe cleaning. Just place your pipe in my mouth and let me take care of the rest. There’s no need to worry anymore about finding the perfect cleaning woman for your bachelor pad. You’re just one call away from having the experience of a lifetime!

My services are now open to MARRIED MEN as well…just do us both a favor and make sure wifey isn’t home when I ring that bell 😉



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