Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome is so distracting

Today I woke up soooo horny! I’m normally not a hypochondriac about physical stuff, but in this case I googled what I’m feeling. The first thing that popped up was: Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome: This is a serious sexual disorder that causes women to have a high libido, to the point of frustration. The heightened desire for sexual intimacy is caused by the constant swelling in her genital areas due to excessive flow of blood.

Well, why is it a serious sexual disorder? I’ll take this serious sexual disorder. What’s wrong with Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome? The only thing I can think of is that’s it’s really distracting! Good thing I have all day to have phone sex.

How many times will I cum today? The answer: as many as I want! haha.

My pussy does have the constant swelling and my desire is off the charts! Even my nipples feel aroused. Persistent Sexual Arousal is that last thing I’m going to go see a doctor about.

I’d probably orgasm in the doctor’s office while he was examining my aroused swollen wet pussy.

I wonder if my doctor would get turned on and want to fuck me. If he fucked me in the doctor’s office I would probably squirt all over the table and the floor. Just thinking about it makes me want to cum. What the hell? I hate going to the doctor. This is so confusing.

Honestly, the only other drawback I am noticing about this ‘disorder’ is my pussy is constantly wet. When I reach down into my panties they are soaked. MMM. I don’t care though. It feels good to be so horny. Do you ever have days like this?

Maybe I don’t have this syndrome. I only feel a little bit frustrated. I’ll have to wait until I go to sleep. If I can’t sleep tonight because I have to keep fucking my pussy with all my toys I might have to go to the doctor.

Until then. Call me. Or read about another time I was so horny

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