Performing for Stepfather

I had a problem. I needed money. So I knew that if I asked my stepfather for money, he was going to make me do something again. Ever since he married my mother and I grew tits, he makes me do things. Every time it’s a little different. Every time depends on whether it was hard liquor, a 6-pack, or a 12-pack.

I was already dolled up and ready to go, so I went into Steve’s office and knocked on the slightly open door.

“Come in,” he slurred.

“Hey, Steve! How’s it goin’?” I said in a very flirtatious tone.

“Ohhhh… You want money, honey. Dontcha? Close the door and let’s discuss how much you really need.” I shut the door and sat on the couch across from his desk. He leaned back in his chair and unbuckled his belt and loosened his pants. “How much ya need, sweetie? Twenty-five? Fifty?”

I rolled my eyes as I squeezed my tits for him. He didn’t care. He just liked my tits. So far he hasn’t touched me. He just wants to watch me while he jerks off his dick. So far, from what I gather, he doesn’t think it’s bad as long as he doesn’t physically touch me. Some justification. I’m 15 and he IS my stepfather after all!

“Oh! Look at this. I only have hundreds. You know what that means, Carmen. No rolling your eyes at me. Make your daddy happy and he will make you happy. Open our special box,” he chuckled. “This is going to be fun!”

I obediently walked over to the far corner bookcase and pulled the shoebox-sized wooden case from the top shelf.

I input the access code and opened it. Then I took out an 8-inch black dong, a butterfly bullet and its remote, a butt plug, nipple clamps, a few sets of ben wa balls, and lube and I left a few other dildos inside. I didn’t know what he was going to ask me to do, but these were his favorite play toys. I looked at him expectantly.

“The nigger dick dong. I want you to fuck that big black nigger dick. A girl like you needs a dick that big and big man to go with it. Get that dress off, Carmen. The whole thing. I wanna see my girl. All of ya.” I stripped down and stood before him. “Damn, girl. Your body is just gettin’ finer and finer. Set that big dick on that chair and sit on it.”

I placed the dildo on the chair and while using my arms for balance, I lifted myself up, legs in the air, and sat on that fat dick. It was thick, but I was sitting right on it, it’s fake balls up against me. Steve’s cock went rock hard as I gasped and took it all. It felt good. It felt really good. As I got my motion on, Steve opened up his desk drawer and pulled out a fleshlight, and stuck it on his lubed-up cock. I saw him use this before, and I was suddenly turned on. He was fucking it hard and I felt a sudden flood of heat over my body and I started to have, what might be my very first orgasm! Steve sees this and cannot contain his spunk anymore and lets loose inside his new toy.

After a moment, he threw a hundred at me. “Get outta here, kid. Have fun.”

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