A strong cuckold marriage

When my husband and I got married, we knew from the start that it would never be traditional.  He was older.  I was younger. Long before we were married, I discovered that he had an inner kink that would prove to keep our marriage solid for all these years. And this is how we began our cuckold marriage.

Although his preference has always been for black men to fuck me, I have simply always loved to just get fucked.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE big black dicks.  I love how they stretch my milf pussy.  I love how they bang and bruise my inner thighs to get in me deep while he watches.

My husband loves to watch!

My husband needs to watch!

My husband is subservient to my sexual desires and the men who want to share them with me, and he will do anything to keep that alive in our house. My husband is a cuckold 100%.

I shouldn’t stop with his desire to watch me be satisfied by men much greater and larger than him.  He loves to satisfy.  He is excellent at taking command from the men fucking me.   I realized very early on, that most men have a craving for cock in some way, shape or form.  At first he told me that he just likes to feel how heavy they were in his hand.  Then the cuckold marriage grew to him wanting to taste me off of them after they had pleased me.  Then one night, after he patiently kneeled at the end of our bed watching my ass get busted open and cummed in, I found him in the corner, on his own hands and knees, spreading his own ass open, tears in his eyes, begging for our guest to fuck him.

I will never forget that moment. After he had his white ass tore up, he crawled on the bed, in between my thighs, and fell asleep fingering my cream pie pussy and having naughty cuckold marriage dreams.

This is the recipe for the perfect marriage.

Desire, Lust, Honestly, and complete Trust!

This is what he wanted, and it is what we love!

I love sharing it with you! Will you be my perfect cuckold phone sex boyfriend?