Penetrate Me, While Outside In The Middle Of A Rain Storm!

Penetrate me, while outside in the middle of a rainstorm! The way the wind feels on my bare breasts and my pretty little pussy…hmmm it makes me feel so free and sexy. I can almost feel it now, just talking about it. Just imagine for a moment how I would look, with my long brown hair blowing in the wind and you watch, as the wind envelops my body as if I were its long-lost mistress! Hmmm how I long for the wind to seduce my body and to open up my fleshy petals, on a warm sunny day.

I can remember my first outdoor sexual escapade as if it were yesterday! I was 17 years old and a junior in high school. Was going with this guy named Stuart, he was my first and boy did he teach me a lot! To this day I am grateful to him and the tiger he created in me. Anyway, we were together up at my parent’s cabin in the woods for the weekend one summer. It was on 140 acres of nothing but trees, trails and a little lake nestled way back in.

One afternoon we decided to take a long walk back in the woods to the lake, so we packed a picnic and brought along a blanket.

It was a beautiful walk along the trail to the little lake. We took our time, checking things out as we went. We didn’t just see trees and flowers and such, but we saw lots of wildlife too. There were deer and chipmunks and squirrels of several different colors….it was wonderful, which added to the feeling of being truly free and most definitely secluded!! So, after about an hour we finally made it back to the lake and that’s when the fun started.

The water looked so sparkling and inviting, right away I could imagine the way it was going to feel over my body….especially since it was a pretty hot day and I needed to cool off. We spread out the blanket and the contents of the picnic and had our lunch there in the clearing by the lake. While we were eating, the sky had begun to darken, but we weren’t going to let a gray sky ruin our day. I got up, grinned at Stuart and began stripping off my clothes…ALL of my clothes. He quickly followed suit, like a good boy. Then we ran hand in hand, naked into the lake. We hadn’t been in the water for more than 10 minutes when it started to pour…seeing as though we didn’t see any lightning, we stay in the warm water.

I, for one, didn’t care at all about the rain. I mean, I was already wet, in more ways than one.

Well, I was getting wetter than wet…by this time my pussy was just LOADED with thick, clear, sweet juices. Stuart had come up behind me in the water and had cupped my breasts in his hands and was now messaging my nipples. I reached down and gently started doing the same to his balls. I had just let go of them and wrapped my arms around him when there was a huge crack of thunder!! Then I squealed in delight. A major fantasy of mine was just about to come true..fucking outside AND fucking in a rainstorm.

Just then, he quickly shoved his fingers inside of my pussy and then bolted towards the shore. How dare he tease me and just leave like that!! So, of course, I followed him and we got to the blanket, where we sat down next to each other and started making out like crazy. Stuart was well aware of this particular fantasy and took full advantage….teasing and edging me non-stop.

I was going absolutely crazy.

The storm was raging around us and I screamed for Stuart to Penetrate me, while he was sucking on my breast and working his magic with his fingers. Just then, Stuart grabbed me by my hips and boy did he let me have it….it was as if he wanted to make his own thunder, by smashing his hot, wet body against mine…..when you call, I will most definitely share with you the exciting details! I like it hot and intense, just like my phone sex!

I love it when you Penetrate me in the rain!

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