A Peeping Tom On A Dark Dreary Night: Desi Sex Stories

I caught him! I knew someone had been sneaking around outside of my house! And I finally found the guy who had been being so sneaky! It was the Indian man from the market down the street, and this is one of his Desi Sex Stories!

He was standing there, his cock in his hand stroking it as I stepped out of the shower. Only this time he wasn’t hidden by the bushes, he was right there… Up against the window in this phone sex story.

I could sense the danger in him as I sat there our eyes locked on each other.  He just continued to stroke it, didn’t turn to flee or anything. I reached for my cellphone on the bathroom counter and saw him slowly start to shake his head no.

I sat there stone cold frozen watching him. Sensing danger, I could tell this man was something I had been needing, the danger sending chills through my body as I slowly walked over opening the window. I had no clue what I was doing it was almost if I was possessed or driven by instinct.

Although I still allowed this stranger to come into my house.

As he made his way through the window, I could tell that I was in trouble. He swiftly pushed against the wall at the far side of the bathroom. His hands creeping across every inch of my body. It was obvious he had been planning and plotting this for some time.

I was going to be his, his teen phone sex slut… and he knew it. He knew that I wouldn’t fight anything he asked, that I would willingly allow him to do as he pleased with me. I sat there perfectly still wondering what he was going to do nest.

I was his, and I didn’t even know him.

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