Want a Pearl Necklace from your guy?

A Pearl Necklace sounds like a pretty cool gift. I am not the pearl necklace kind of girl…I prefer gifts of booze and drugs from guys I fuck. Ha ha, a cash gift also works for me. But I was seeing this Wall Street rich boy who had lots of money to throw around and he was willing to do almost anything to get to fuck me.

Apparently, I was the bad girl from the “wrong side of the tracks”. When he started telling me how he wanted to shower me with gifts, I guess I naively believed him. “I want to give you a pearl necklace” He announced at dinner while I was scarfing down an expensive steak. “Oh yeah?” I responded, focusing more on the steak than on him.

“You will look fantastic with a pearl necklace around that beautiful neck of yours. I want to take you back to my place and give it to you!”

So I guess I was being naive that night. I am usually so street smart that I can smell a scam a mile away. Maybe it was because I was extra broke and in my head, I started thinking about how I much I could get if I pawned a pearl necklace.

I went back to his place, we made out the whole way there. His tongue kept exploring my mouth, my armpits, my neck, my earlobe. We got to his place and he was all over me. I let him feel me up, and then I gave him a wet intense blowjob. He told me to lay down on the bed. He stood above me and told me to lay still and close my eyes. I felt his cum spray on my neck. “Sam, it’s beautiful.” He said. he told me to open my eyes and he had a mirror in front to me. His cum was dripping off my neck. “There is your pearl Necklace!” He took a picture of my cum pearl necklace and sent it to me. Hell, it may not be worth any money but it was kind of hot! What do you want to give me?

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