After making you my pay pig, you moved to a small apartment

Pay pig – It doesn’t matter, though because you were working two jobs to make money for me and you were never home. In addition to your two positions, I also often had you sucking men’s cocks and providing your ass for their use and abuse for cash. You’re 100% straight, and you may never get used to sex with men; you are never going to develop a cum fetish, But you do it anyway because you need to serve me and to please me is the most essential thing in your life. It’s the only thing in your life that has mattered since making you my pay pig.making you my little pay pig

You know I have you do all of this both for the money, but also for my entertainment. One would think that at this point I would have started feeling sorry for you. But of course, I did not. Why would I? The more it hurt, the more pain you craved. You always begged me for just a little more, which I was more than happy to give you.

It may not be what you expected

When you got hopelessly behind in your rent and about to be evicted, I had no choice to take you into my home. You couldn’t be homeless and continue to work your two jobs. Especially not your stockbroker job. I made it very clear that you were not my boyfriend, my roommate or even my guest. You would be living the life of my 24/7 owned submissive. It may not be what you expected after making you my pay pig. It must be so humiliating to now be living this way in what was once your home.

I control everything in your life

The rules you will follow are pretty simple and are meant to minimize the impact on me of your moving back in. I control everything in your life. You don’t speak without permission, masturbate without permission, eat without permission or anything else. You’ll sleep in a small bedroom and stay there unless I need you for something. You are not to sit on my furniture.

And now we have found ourselves relaxing in my beautiful living room. You are on the floor at my feet, and I have my feet propped up on your back as you act as my human ottoman. When I permitted you to speak you asked me to tell you our story. You want to relive every humiliating detail and every painful fact. You’ve done this several times before, but I don’t mind.making you my little pay pig

As you’ve been listening from your position on your hands and knees under my feet, your little dick gets impossibly hard, and it drips pre-cum the whole time. Even while hearing about the humiliation, the financial ruin and my utter disregard for your well being.

I will never, ever admit this to my pay pig but our story gets me pretty wet too…

My lovely readers who made it this far – to the end of my pay pig’s story. I bet that your dick has been rock hard the whole time you’ve been reading. It’s dripping pre-cum, and you can’t keep your hands off of it. You want to cum very badly. But even more, you want what my pay pig has – you want to be my pay pig too. You crave my control, and you ache to beg me to take everything away from you also.

So, go ahead and take the first steps to do just that. First, take your hand off of your little dick right now. You won’t be having any more orgasms without my permission. And two, call me and beg me to make you my pay pig!


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