Party Girl Sex: 4th Of July Suck And Fuck

Party girl sex allows me to explore new avenues of debauchery. Last 4th of July I was at  a BBQ at Mark’s house. Mark is amazing. He is 5’10, tanned with a cock that always showed through his pants. Mark is known for throwing epic parties but this one in my opinion was better than the rest. Mark manned the grill as I surveyed the delicious buffet of cock in front of me. There were delicious men of all shapes and sizes. One in particular caught my eye, Patrick. He eyed me seductively across the lavish yard. I smiled appreciatively.  I was excited to get to know him on a “personal” level. He came to my side of the yard drink in hand. Here he said it’s something a little sweet. I sipped the drink slowly as I began looking at his 6’2 frame.

My pussy was throbbing because of his overt sexiness. Another thing about Patrick his cock  stood at full attention as he spoke to me. So he says… Mark told me about you Saige. He said you are a very naughty girl. I smiled at him playfully and said well allow me to show you how naughty I can be. I quickly removed my shorts then tank top.

Everyone around us began to stare.

Patrick grinned from ear to ear as he removed his own shorts to reveal a thick dripping member.  My mouth began salivating with excitement. I immediately dropped to my knees and began to devour his cock. While every invited guest looked on I swallowed, deep throated and sucked Patrick’s cock. He looked down at me, taken aback by my naughtiness. Seems like ten minutes passed before Patrick grabbed from off of my knees and bent me over the table when the parties food resided. All the guest began to surround the table and partake of the buffet that was me. Before I knew it there was hands, cocks and pussies everywhere taking advantage of the all you can eat Saige buffet.

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