Panty wearing son gets caught by mommy Roxy sniffing one pair, and the other wrapped around his cock

Panty wearing son, you just don’t know how much you turned on your mommy. I’d been wondering where all my panties had gone to, but today I found a huge bundle hidden in the back of your closet. And as I picked them out, none of them were clean! All of them with a dirty crotch, but then they were all crinkled up too with dried cummies from your little dick. I was going to confront you as soon as you got home from school today, but you snuck in without me seeing you.  So as I was coming up the stairs there you were my panty wearing son, sniffing one pair and the other wrapped around your cock!

‘What are you doing!’, I said, as you jumped up dropping the evidence out of your hands! The look on your face was priceless and your rock-hard little dick sticking straight out had caught the ones you had in your hand. ‘Oh darling it’s ok, mommy’s not mad at you. In fact, I want you to continue what you were doing!’.  I reached down and picked up the other pair laying them on my panty wearing son bed.

‘In fact sweetie, mommy should give you a fresh pair to play with shouldn’t I.’.  I started unbuttoning my blouse and slipping out of my jeans. As you looked at my body up and down I could see his little cock getting hard again. I slipped out of my panties and handed them over to him. ‘Now smell those, you’ll enjoy that sweet fresh scent of mommy’s pussy on those’. Then I touched his young cock, stroking it in my hand. I helped him slip on my panties then and watched him rub himself underneath that silky material. I smiled at my panty wearing son, because I knew just what was going to go down next! Do you?

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