Panty Sniffer CAUGHT!

This is a story about a panty sniffer. A friend of mine asked if  we could have a small party for one of our mutual friends, here at my place. I’ve got a decent house, and a huge yard, with a bonfire pit out back. I always love a good party, so of course I said YES. We spent about 2 weeks getting everything in order, and then the day had arrived. About 2 hours before the party was supposed to start, I got a call that my BFF had a flat and was stuck. She needed me to come pick her up. I figured I had enough time,and I trusted my place to Ellie, she had always been a good friend, so I drove the 45 minutes to go pick her up. Her boyfriend has a friend that drives a tow truck and he would be getting her car later.We jammed the whole way back, and even had time to stop by the liquor store.

When Chelle and I got back to my house. there were so many cars, and a TON of fucking people. I didn’t know the majority of these people, but still, it was for an awesome guy, so I made the best of it. Chell and I took the liquor into the house, and I made myself a very strong drink. Looking down at myself I realized I hadn’t even got DRESSED for the party! – DAMMIT CHELLE!- ran through my head.

” If you guys will excuse me, I’m gonna put on something a little more comfortable” I exited the kitchen, heading toward my bedroom with adjoining bath. I started opening my drawers, looking for my short jean shorts, and I heard what I recognized as sighing, coming from my bathroom. I creeped across my carpeted floor, and stood astounded at what I saw.

A man, about 5’10, dark hair, and olive skin, stood clutching a pair of my lace honey colored panties. I watched as he inhaled at the crotch of them, and a wicked grin spread across my face.

” Panty Sniffer, huh?”

He jerked around, and gave me a shocked look. The stuttering began ” I, I, I, wa-was…”

I giggled, ” Do you always stick your nose in the crotches of strange women’s panties, Panty sniffer?”

” My-mmm-mmy name’s Doug”

“Well DOUG, this my house, my bathroom, and those are my panties, I’m Anna. You know, maybe I should just go out there and tell all of the guests what I caught you in here doing?”

Doug stammered and stuttered, and finally managed to form the sentence ” Please don’t, I’ll do anything”

I hate to admit it, but he looked so intoxicated by my scent, I could tell he was a big time panty sniffer, and I’m sure this wasn’t his first time doing this. To look at him now, nervous about what I was going to do, and still clutching my panties….

You can’t even begin to fathom the things I did to this panty sniffer!

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