Panty Fetish: He was a Dirty Panty Thief

Panty Fetish: He was now in his forties and had been doing it since his early teens. His history of being Panty Thief was something he had never told anyone. I felt very honored and humored by his confession to me during our hot call..

It started when he was about thirteen years of age. He and his family were visiting relatives and he got a glimpse of his cousin in her panties, he was immediately aroused and he wanted those panties. He stole those panties from his cousin’s bedroom that evening and stroked his young hard cock as he thought about her pussy having been in them.

Over the course of the next few years he would steal them whenever possible. His family had the key to a neighbor’s house when they went on vacation and he would take the key after school and enter the home, steal the sexy wife’s pantys and jerk off all over them on their bed.  He kept those pantys for several weeks, jerking off on them until finally throwing them out after they became encrusted with all his dried up spunk.

His most recent panty thievery was just a few years ago when he was renting a room at his Auntie’s bed and breakfast and he stole a few pairs of her plus sized undies. He would wank all over those lacy panties in her very own house. He was pretty sure she had noticed they were missing as he discovered she was laying her panties out in obvious places throughout the house.

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