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Panty fetish sex story was not really what I was expecting that day and as I walked into my bedroom. There was my brother sniffing my dirty panties from my laundry basket. I was, to say the least, shocked and decided to take and use it to my advantage. My boyfriend was away at Basic Training and it had been awhile since I had a good fucking.

My brother embarrassed at being caught and I threateningly told him I was going to tell all his friends if he didn’t do what I asked him to do. Incest phone sex was so HOT to me. He reluctantly said ok and I told him to get undressed. After he was undressed I had him put on my dirty panties and model them for me. He looked so cute dressed up in my panties that I told him to lay down on my bed. Crawling into bed with him I knew that I was in for a good time.

Telling him that we were going to have some fun and he sensually looked up at me and smiled a bit.

I lowered my top revealing my plump round tits as I told him I wanted him to suck on each nipple and make them nice and hard. They are so sensitive that it made me wet instantly.

Taking his hand and sliding it up my thigh I let him feel my pussy and how wet it was.

His cock hardened right away and rubbed against my leg. Being a panty fetish really had him horny so taking his cock in my hand I started to stroke it and tease him relentlessly. Round and round my hand stroked him. Then I was sliding that cock deep into my cunt as I rode him over and over and as I reached the pinnacle of an orgasm I screamed out his name.  He came deep inside me as my cunt shook with waves of pleasure. I climbed off of him and I told him that we would have to do this more often as he shook his head up and down and he readily agreed. Hot brother sister sex story was just what the dr ordered. For your own panty fetish phone sex, just call me and lets play!

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