My Boy Toy Loves My Panties

She knew I liked panties. After all, what man doesn’t enjoy women’s lingerie especially with a woman in those frilly, silky form enhancing colorful pieces of “unmentionables.” The very fact that they have been, and to a much lesser extent now, even called unmentionables imparts a sense of the hidden and thus forbidden. The exotic only adds to the erotic nature of so many things and underclothing that touches such intimate areas of a woman is erotic by that very fact. So, men liking lingerie is natural and encouraged by the way women take such obvious yet open ways to add a bit of mystery by their furtive attempts to conceal such items.

I was at Raine’s home and wandered by the laundry area and saw a basket of laundry. Right on top were a few pairs of panties and bras. As I stopped and looked, Raine, came quickly around me and, squealing with what was both surprises, feigned of course, and outrage, even faker, grabbed the basket saying “you weren’t supposed to see that.”

“Why not, I like looking at such pretty things, and those are very pretty, so why hide them?”

She quickly grabbed the basket and turned away with it in front of her. As she did this a pair of sexy, blue, panties fell to the floor, which she apparently didn’t notice being in such a hurry to get everything out of my sight. I quickly picked them up and put them in my pocket. Where before they had been an almost idle curiosity they had now become an object of desire with an even more sexual and erotic component added. And they were safely stowed in my pocket for later inspection. Of course this later inspection would include sniffing the gusset and possibly licking the crusty discharge that is a usual addition to, until added, just plain cloth. Oh, the very thought of this later to be enjoyed activity added excitement and blood to my cock. Oh, yes, it was growing a bit more tumescent.

In fact it was beginning to put a tent in my trousers.

If one looked it was now becoming fairly obvious that I had a rather obvious erection. We were standing in the kitchen as Raine was preparing dinner. The panties had created a small, but noticeable lump in my pocket area and my hard on was adding to the bulge in front. I casually kept my hands in front to cover my growing cock and hoping to conceal my rapidly escalating sexual excitement. Raine was wearing a blouse that barely hid her pink bra that enhanced her large and attractive breasts.

She knew she had great tits and, while having more than once talked about hiding her “headlights,” as she referred to protruding nipples, she never the less did take advantage of her physical features. While a bit over an ideal weight, she was still a very attractive woman. I was in the kitchen to keep her company as she didn’t need my help for anything so standing with my hands crossed in front of me was easy.

Well, it was easy until she asked me to reach something for her from a higher cabinet.

I was wearing light colored tan slacks that, at this point only added to the bulge I was growing. When I reached up everything was exposed in the lump in front of my pants. Also, and I had been thinking how very clever I had been at grabbing the panties, as I stretched a bit of the blue was apparent in my pocket.

Two things happened. My hard on was obvious and the panties were seen. When I handed the item to Raine she gave me a look that was both knowing and curious.

“You know, Vince, I think I dropped a pair of panties when I grabbed the basket. A pair of blue ones. Are those the ones in your pocket? Let me see.”

She walks to me. My hard on is bulging to my left side and the panties are in my right pocket. She stands in front of me and with her right hand, she reaches across to my right pocket. She is close and in the process, she brushes her hand across my hard on. As she does this she looks up into my eyes, pulls the panties out and with her left hand again brushes my cock.

“Oh my, what have we here? Have my panties done this to you? Or, should I say, for you?”

I stand there, mute. I’ve no idea what to say. I know what I want to say, and do, but don’t.

“I know you like panties, Vince. And I knew you had picked these up. I just wanted to see what would happen. I figured you would go to the bathroom a bit later and jack off. Was that what you were planning, Vince?”

At this point, I had lost all caution and simply said, “Yes, that is exactly what I was planning to do.”

“Well, you don’t have to do that. I like to watch men masturbate and really want to see how you masturbate with my blue panties. Show me, Vince. Take out your penis and show me what you were going to do. I want to see you cum with my panties.”

As she is saying all this she has loosened a couple of buttons on her blouse showing more of her bra.

“I’ll show you my tits while you jack off for me, Vince. I know you’d like that.”

With her hand, she again brushes my cock.

I reach down and loosen my belt and unbutton the top of my pants and pull the zipper down and my pants fall to my ankles.

“Take them off, Vince, I want to see everything.”

I take off my shoes and the pants come off my legs. I am standing there wearing a pair of ecru Vanity Fair panties. While not sheer they are transparent enough that my turgid penis is visible through the material.

“I like how your cock looks through the panties, Vince. And, look, it seems to be leaking a bit at the tip. Are you excited, Vince? Does wearing panties and my watching make you excited Vince?”

“Yes, it does. Very excited. Do you want to watch me sniff your panties, Raine?” She brushes my hard cock through the panties and then steps back to watch.

I am standing in front of Raine in panties. She pushes the blue panties against my nose.

“Sniff and let me see you cum for me, Vince. Are you going to wrap these around your cock and cum?”

I pull the waist band of the Vanity Fair panties below my balls to let my cock free of the silky confines of the panties. My balls hang over the edge as I hold the blue panties to my nose and start to jerk my cock with my right hand.

“Show me how you jack off, you pervert. Show Raine how you like to sniff her panties and jack off. You thought I didn’t know what you were doing. I see how you look at my tits. Make it cum for me. Cum in the gusset of those panties.

All of this just so very exciting. Her words, the slight disdain, and humiliation all create a very explosive orgasm. My cock erupts and cum gushes forth, some on the panties and some on the floor. I am spent and lean against the counter for support.

“Oh, that was such fun, Vince. Maybe I’ll let you do that again sometime. Now, get ready, dinner is about to be served.”

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