So I have a few of my dominatrix clients I still work with, they are established clients and know my rules well. Rules rarely get broken but I do have to dispense punishment on occasion. One of these said rules is if you have to cancel a scheduled session you will be punished in the next for not respecting my time commitment. Steven was warned of this when he called to cancel a session. He was excited by the thought of me showing my displeasure in our next session. He would get the pantie boy punishment.

He showed up for his next appointment almost jittery in anticipation. I led him to the playroom where on the bed I had already laid out items. I sat on the end of the bed as he eyed the pile, smiling. On the bed next to me was a pink lace thong and matching bra, black fish net thigh highs, a garter belt, black heels and lipstick. I slyly grinned, as I know he was thinking of a previous session in which I had dressed him. That time he had worn pantyhose, satin panties and a nightie. Once pantie boy was dressed all pretty and sexy, cock fully encased in the nylons we had played lesbians and his cock was never allowed out in that session. He was only rubbed and touched as a pussy would have been. The deprivation had driven him wild and he had thoroughly creamed the pantyhose. I told him to strip and start dressing and he eagerly complied. When he stepped out of his pants his large cock was hard and erect.  I stepped in to the lace thong and started pulling them up. I stopped him as the knees, and began pulling up the panties for him, using long, lingering attention I gentle wrapped his cock up. I had him sit on the bed and continued to dress him seductively stroking him as I did so. Steven was enjoying the attention as I touched him all over his body. As I was finishing there was a knock at my front door. I told him to put on the heels and I would be back. I exited and shut the door.

When I returned Steven was standing at the foot of the bed. His long hard body dressed like a bitch asking to get fucked and I told him so. I inspected him up and down and was pleased with the results, one last touch I smothered his thin, man lips with bright red lipstick, “Now you are definitely my sexy whore”, I reached down and started stroking his hard cock through the lace pantie front. “Are you going to be a good whore and please your Mistress?” He nodded compliantly. I instructed him to get his sexy ass on the bed with his best come fuck me look. He settled on the comforter pushing out his unfilled bra cups and spreading his hips. “Perfect my slut, you ready to be used, darling?”

“Please Mistress, use me however you want”. With that I was more than willing to comply. I walked to the playroom door and opened it. There stood my friend Dave, all 6’3″ of his solid, stacked beautiful black body. I looked at pantie boy and he seemed confused and his smile was gone. “This is Dave darling, and he needs a sexy slut to suck his cock, all 11″ of it. Is my whore going to please me and do it?” Steven’s eyes were huge but he nodded that he would.

Dave started to the end of the bed, dropping trow on the way. “On your stomach bitch, head at the end of the bed!” I instructed. Steven scrambled to get in position. Dave’s flaccid dick was hanging out and Steven laid in front of him obviously already intimidated by its size soft. “Pantie boy better get that dick hard”, I purred, as I walked to the shelf and got my picked up my favorite riding crop. Seeing me do this Steven nervously reached out and began stroking Dave huge, limp member. “Not with your hand, sluts use their mouth,” I barked and stepped to the bed giving him a quick snap of the crop on his exposed ass cheek. He jumped forward and started shoving man meat on his mouth. This warranted a long lash on the other round ass cheek. “I do not want a sloppy slut, you have had a BJ before give it like you like to get it”. He spit the cock out and gently held it as he licked and kissed it. I watched as Dave’s big black cock began to swell and grow. “Much better,” I praised as I gently rubbed the his welted ass.

The whole session went like this and pantie boy’s ass was pretty red and tender when he went home. He had some trouble sucking ALL that huge cock like a good whore and instruction was needed often. It took him 45 mins to get the big cum pump to squirt jiz all over his face. I do not think he will be canceling another session and Mistress was really pleased watching the cum drip down his sweaty, tear-stained, slobbery, smeared lipstick face.

Sissy Boy Phonesex