Orgasms In My Sleep

I was a sound sleeper.  My mommy always said that I could sleep through a tornado.  I mean I guess she was right.  I say this because ever since I was a very little girl, I would always have these weird sensations when I slept.  Warm fingertips is what it felt like, but they were moist.   I could never really wake up to know if I was just dreaming or not.  I know that as I got older these sensations began to get very pleasurable for me.   In fact I had not realized until the first time I was old enough to masturbate, that the whole time I was having orgasms in my sleep.

Soon after I had made the match between the two sensations I had this deep interest to see what is happening to me during my slumber for me to feel such ecstasy.  I purchased one of them hidden cams in a teddy bear and set it up so I could record myself sleeping.

It was not until a few nights later that I finally got what I needed to see.   I started that video the next morning and discovered that it was not only myself in my room that night.   My daddy creeped through my door.  He had stood over me and watched me sleep.  He did this for quite sometime.

As the time passed he started to slowly pull the blanket off me.  All I went to sleep in was a tank top and silk panties.  I could see him rubbing his dick as he watched me sleep.  He reached down and spread my legs apart.  He was being very tender and loving.  I could see why I felt like I was losing myself in my sleep.  So sensual he was.   He massaged in between my inner thighs,  grazed his thumb over top of my panties…..

Oh no! Where is the rest of the story??? Don’t worry naughty boy I won’t keep you hanging. Call me and I will tell you every last mouth-watering detail! Or…. Stay tuned for part two.

Mature Phone Sex!