My daddy is lots of fun. He is a great teacher and is showing me all about sex. He and I have been doing this for a long time. Now, he is bringing in Uncle Ted for some Orgasmic Teen Cuckold fun. Uncle Ted is smoking hot additionally if his dick is as big as Daddy’s, we are going to have one hell of a night!

Ted is going to be the buck, and Daddy is the cuck for this party. It isn’t our first cuckold fun, but this time Daddy is trying watching instead of being the buck. Of course, he and Uncle Ted like playing together, so this is going to be pretty naughty. All of the fun I am having with them is great for my extreme taboo phone sex. Some of the stuff that happens is too much for the blogs, but I can share it on my sessions!

Tonight’s Orgasmic Teen Cuckold is going to be a blast!

Like I mentioned earlier, Daddy and I have been playing for years. Some of that is pretty taboo. That is the joy of doing sessions with me. Because I don’t have any limits, we can talk about anything you like! I love being super naughty and nasty with my guys. As daddy’s perfect princess, I have been learning all the things men want from a sexy young girl. I love sharing all my skills with you!

Uncle Ted is arriving. He and Daddy are having their fancy whiskey and talking first. I am upstairs in my room, getting ready. I have on the cutest outfit. Daddy bought it for me today. It is a tight tiny t-shirt with cute pink short-shorts. I have my blonde hair up in ponytails with tall socks on. Of course, I am not wearing a bra, and you can see my hard nipples poking through the t-shirt.

As I walk into Daddy’s study, he and Uncle Ted both stop talking to stare at me.

I am so excited as I hug each of them; my nipples are pressing into their chests. I can feel their hard cocks rising in their pants. Daddy says it is time to start the fun. At first, he is sitting in his chair watching my uncle and I making out. Then, he offers to come over and get Uncle Ted undressed and ready for me. My uncle is more than happy to have one of Daddy’s blow jobs.

While Daddy is sucking on Ted’s dick, Ted is going down on my pussy. He is very good with his mouth and hands. Oh, my, my tight pussy is getting so wet! I am squirming under his mouth as he brings me to a climax.  I squirt all over his face. Daddy then strips down and goes back to his chair to watch for a while. Uncle Ted says he would like me to ride him first.

He is lying back on the futon as I climb on top of him.

I am hovering my pussy just over his rock hard cock. At first, I am rubbing it back and forth on my tiny teen pussy lips, teasing him. He is moaning loudly, and his balls are huge. Daddy is jerking his cock and shoving a vibrator into his ass as he is watching us having fun. I start slowly by sliding just the head of my uncle’s dick inside my little kitty, then pull it back out.

It is driving him crazy, and I love it as we have our orgasmic teen cuckold fun. I do this over and over, each time, putting more and more of his pecker inside me. Finally, I am ready to slide all of him inside me, and I slide down onto him. He is breathing so hard; I think he might die on me! I am looking at Daddy, and he is giving me the go-ahead. I start riding Uncle Ted as his breathing is getting more even.

His face is pure ecstasy, as I am fucking him.

He is starting to fuck me back, grabbing onto my hips. His dick isn’t as big as Daddy’s, but it is nice. He is hitting all the right spots as I am getting close to cumming, so is he. I am looking Daddy in the eye as Uncle Ted and I are getting ready to cum. He shouts out he is going to cum, and so do I. Then, we are cumming, and so is Daddy. I stay on top of my uncle until Daddy is there.

When I slide off, he is ready to clean me up. Daddy dives right into my pussy, getting every drop of the cum. Of course, that is just the beginning of our orgasmic teen cuckold night! If you want to know all the naughty stuff we did, you will have to call me.

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