I Haven’t Had An Orgasm Since Last Year!

Sure I got my New Year’s kiss. But I wanted some nasty, hardcore fucking to go along with it, but he got called into work!!!!! You know what? I’m taking matters into my own hands tonight.  I’m bringing in 2016 with a hot, loud, Phone Sex orgasm!!!

So maybe I won’t be doing it completely alone. I’m seeking some hot and bothered role phone sex! Since I have the house to myself now I can be as loud as my little pussy desires! My caller, holy fucking shit THAT VOICE! As soon as I heard it, my pussy began tingling and I could feel my lips getting wet. he was heavily breathing over the phone. All on account of my photos he later told me…I had a feeling hehe. I mean… I can’t even deny playing and sucking on my own tits during phone sex, so why should I deny you the pleasure.

It’s a shame my first 2016 orgasm won’t be with my actual boyfriend, but tonight, this lucky guy gets to be my own. As soon as I heard how rough and unhinged he liked it, I took my big pink dildo and deep throated it like gold would be shooting out of his cock, not cum. He told me to spank my own ass and I left a hand print no doubt! Oh yes, a mysterious man over the phone, I’m your little slut tonight, no one else’s!

I let him hear how wet pussy was when I put my phone down by it.

Baby, did you think I was faking this phone sex?! I wish you were here to feel how warm and tight my little cunt is now! I told him that and he said to make up for it. That he’s control how hard I got to fuck myself with my toy and I love a man in charge!

I got on my knees on my bed and lowered my pussy down onto this cock and moaned as he growled what a hard-on I give him. This orgasm is going to be insane. In-fucking-sane if he keeps it up. I can feel my juices dripping all the way down to my sheets, per usual…that’s how I’m judging the power of this orgasm.

I feel the tip hit my cervix and I can hear his fapping getting louder and louder, his orgasm only building! “Ok Victoria, make that fucking pussy cum for me and I want to hear you SCREAM!” Mmmm yes Sir, anything for you Mr. Sexy Voice at this point. I just want to explode all over my sheets to the sound of you groaning as your cock oozes cum. Fuck I wish I was there to taste it! Ooooh you know what? I think I’ll leave my sheets covered in cum so when my boyfriend gets home he can see the orgasm I had that he missed…hahaha, guess who’s sleeping in the wet spot! Happy New Year! I finally got my first orgasm of 2016!

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