I’m a BITCH and the Goddess orgasm control. Don’t think for a moment, that I won’t use my beauty and brains to take control of you. Blue balls are a woman’s secret weapon. Men make it very easy for use to torture them. I enjoy pushing a man to the edge and leaving him there until he begs to cum. I never let him, it’s much more fun to tease and deny the pleasure of cumming.

The other night I made Steven strip naked, while I stood in front of him fully clothed. This excitements him especially if he is naked and I’m not. it’s all about the power and who is in charge. Slowly I walked around him while running a hand over his body. At first he shivers, as my nails glide across his skin. His excitement starts to build and there is no turning back from the tease and denial play.

The time seems to escape him, as I stop in front of him and look down at his cock. Already hard, I wrap my hand around it and I start to jerk him off. Softly he winced, as I tugged on his throbbing dick. Moving my hand up and down. I felt his man meat get hard against my soft, warm fingers. I continued until his cock was rock raging hard. Gradually I cupped his balls in my hand, as I looked him in the eyes. I pressed my fingernails into them and he winced as I said “Do you like it when I control what you feel?”

Slowly, I leaned in and kissed him, as I rolled his balls in my hand. I wanted to give him more tease and denial pleasures. I closed my hand around his cock and squeezed his balls until he whimpered. Gradually I ran my fingernail up his dick as I pull downward on his balls. The two different sensations made him start to breathe faster. I couldn’t resist jerking him off, as I placed pressure on the top half of his dick.

I continued working his dick and balls over for a few more minutes. Orgasm Control was beginning to take its toll on his cock. He was about to burst from all the tease and denial.  The pre-cum started to leak out of his slit, as his dick twitched in the air. I knew he was dying to cum and having blue balls actually made him even hornier. It would be so easy for me to jerk him off. I couldn’t give in to what he wanted. Instead I kept him on edge and desperate for as long as I could.

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Orgasm Control


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