Oral sex was just the beginning of how he wanted to worship and serve me.  I was his beginning and end. My body completed his needs and more. Jacob reveals his weakness for my pussy and ass, as his oral sex pleasures take over.

In my everyday life I am the CEO of a fortune 500 company, I oversee over 300 employees, and swim in paperwork everyday. I end the day drowning in bourbon, listening to a prude nagging wife and raising two ungrateful teens who know it all. I needed an escape. Raven knew how to bring me to the edge and hold me there.

Mistress Raven takes me away from my heavy everyday world. I long to please her. The first time speaking with her, I knew she was the one. Mistress stripped me of my clothes and my life. As I tore away each piece, I felt I was removing the layers of my monotone, mundane, nothing life. She knew me.  Mistress knew what I needed.  Starving to be completed. “Kneel before me!” she command I did not dare look into her eyes. I couldn’t help myself.  I was thirty and hungry for a taste of my Goddess.  My eyes devoured ever inch of her beautiful body. Perfect tits, voluptuous ass but her pussy, it was pristine. Perfection!

She circled me, her red bottom heels clicked against the floor. Her luscious long black hair cascaded over her shoulders and down her back. I ached to smell her ravenous locks. Standing over me, Mistress Raven towered. That perfect cunt almost at eye level, made my mouth water.

“Worship me” She commanded.

I took my hands from behind me, and reached out her her. “Thwack” her hand slapped my face hard, stunning me.

“Hands behind your back. Use YOUR MOUTH!” She said sharply with a wicked little grin.

My mouth moved toward her, as I kissed the front of her sheer black panties. I was so close to the eye of God. I savored the moment, as I breathed in her sweet aroma. The only thing keeping me from that gorgeous pussy was a thin sheer fabric. Gently with my teeth, I moved the sheer to the side as I licked and lapped at her supreme sex. Moans of pleasure surrounded me, as she pushed me into her.  Pure ecstasy, as she continued grinding herself on me.

She was using me.
I loved being used by Raven.
The harder I licked, the more I craved her.

I needed her to cum.
It was my mission.

Pleasuring My Goddess was the only thing that mattered.

Part 1 of Jacob’s Oral sex story was just the beginning of his sexual journey of tease and denial.

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