Oral Sex Stories: A little splish splash without the bath

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There are times when I just want to please my partner. I get my own sense of pleasure by making sure my partner is pleased. I woke up wet in the middle of the night thinking about an amazing time I’d had with my boyfriend. We were walking along the canal one night, just enjoying the weather and scenery. It was really cute how he was completely oblivious to the fact that I was super turned on just by his charm. He was a complete gentleman and never implied anything sexual the entire night. Since we had just started dating, I appreciated his respectfulness and it also made me horny for him. I wasn’t horny in a sense of wanting to feel him inside my pussy.

The feeling was more like wanting to please him. As we walked and talked the urge was becoming unbearable. I stopped him in the middle of his sentenced and started kissing him. He put his hands around my waist, as I wrapped my arms around his neck while we kissed. A few seconds passed and I was sliding my hand inside his pants. I could feel him starting to get hard as I stroked his cock inside his pants.

I pushed him against the rail then squatted in front of him and pulled out his cock.

He clinched the rail as I sucked and stroked him. The precum dripping on my tongue turned me on even more. I started to get anxious craving his cum. So I started sucking harder as I was drinking from a straw. His cock started throbbing in my mouth and at that moment I knew he was about to fill my mouth with cum. I ripped my shirt open and stuck out my tongue, slapping his cock against it. He started shooting out cum! I let it fill my mouth and flow to my tits. It was the best feeling for both of us.

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