Oral sex has been a lot more fun ever since I showed you my collection of public sex stories!

When you read about how into the risk I was, it made you rock hard. There was no turning back now. The world was now our bedroom, and once we started we couldn’t just stop. I started giving you head at public parks in the broad of daytime. Whenever we were out shopping, as soon as you saw bathroom you would pull me into it to give me the best oral sex of my life. Something about trying to quiet my moans so the next stall wouldn’t hear us made me so hot. But of course, people did hear us! How could they not? I wasn’t exactly a quiet moaner or good at self-control when I was horny. But that just made you even harder. Sometimes when we used to go out, it was so hard finding things to do.

Not anymore! Now, we always have something very exciting to do.

I think my favorite place that we have played was in that teeny tiny airplane bathroom! What can I say? Getting groped by TSA and having to wait for your cock because of long lines left me frustrated. As soon as the pilot said we could take our seatbelts off, I gave you that look. The look that I gave and you knew it was time to fill me up with cum.

You took my hand and lead me to the bathroom. It was extremely cramped so I had to sit on your cock and stand up so you could lick my tight pussy. My moans echoed. They sounded 10 times louder, but I couldn’t help it! You filled me up with so much cum that I could fill the wet spot in my panties. Then, when we walked out, I could feel everyone’s eyes on me. They all knew how naughty we were, but I didn’t care. All I cared about was making you cum one more time before the plane landed!


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